Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Happy Nursing Assistants Week!

As we celebrate Nursing Assistants Week, let’s think about how much time and talent these diligent professionals contribute to healthcare. Too often these professionals go unrecognized, despite their invaluable work, and at Scrubin we are adding our voices to make sure our indispensible nursing assistants get the recognition they deserve.

It can often be thankless work, and our nursing assistants play a vital role in caring for the elderly, the disabled and those under long-term and hospice care, as well as fulfilling some of the medical duties in correctional facilities. Their importance cannot be overstated.

Working under a nurse’s supervision, nursing assistants aid in helping the elderly and infirmed perform day-to-day tasks: eating, bathing and helping with dressing and hygiene, just to name a few. They take and record vitals. They assist in stretching and physical exercise, taking the patients for walks and helping them to remain active.

In so doing, Nursing assistants not only help to insure and safeguard the overall health of the patient, they also make an important contribution to the patient’s dignity and quality of life as well. Nursing assistants help these vulnerable folks help themselves, and in doing so serve as voices of encouragement and hope in fraught circumstances. Ask anyone who has been hospitalized, as well as his or her family, and they will testify as to the necessary work performed by nursing assistants.

Changes in healthcare have meant a tough time for many nursing assistants. In the past several years, staffing shortages and budget cutbacks have meant that much of the aforementioned patient care has fallen on fewer and fewer of these professionals. That’s why this week is so important, not to only celebrate the work done by our nursing assistants but also to showcase this viable and valuable career. As more and more Baby Boomers age, nursing assistants are going to be needed in the future more than ever before.

Let’s all make this Nursing Assistants Week a good one by honoring these committed professionals and thanking them for their hard work.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June Is Men’s Health Month

A quick question for the guys: What’s your PSA? Don’t know? You’re not alone. June is Men’s Health Month, however, so there’s no better time to stop and take stock of your overall health and well-being. You may even learn a few things along the way.

For instance, PSA means “prostate-specific antigen,” and it’s a protein made by the prostate and found in the blood. High levels are an early indicator of prostate cancer, and getting it checked is as simple as visiting your doctor for a routine physical.

In fact, a yearly physical exam is a simple, yet vital, means to insuring good health. But men tend to procrastinate on getting them, always pushing them off for another day. No one can afford to wait. Call your doctor, set the appointment, get the tests run, and bask in the sweet relief a clean bill of health can bring!

A firm focus on prevention is perhaps the most important long-term course for good health than anything else. A focus on nutrition, diet and exercise is important, as well as regular checkups and physicals. At Scrubin we’re big believers in being proactive, so we would like to highlight some easy ways to get into a healthier lifestyle. Help us make Men’s Health Month the first step in a long campaign for healthier lifestyles for America’s menfolk!

• Nutrition is an increasingly vital concern for all of us, and this is particularly true of men, who are so vulnerable to heart disease, gastrointestinal issues and strokes. It’s easy: more fruits and vegetables, more fish and lean meats, less fast food and sugary sodas.

• Exercise is a part of any truly healthy lifestyle. American men are working harder than ever, but in jobs that by and large do not benefit them physically, either in the area of cardiovascular health or for long-term muscular performance and flexibility. One doesn’t have to be a gym rat but no man can afford to ignore sensible, moderate exercise. It is key to both quality of life and longevity. Try for an hour a day, even if it’s just taking a good, long walk.

June brings not only National Men’s Health Month, but June 7th is National Cancer Survivors Day. The statistics are overwhelming: the way to beat cancer, any form of cancer, is to detect it early. Therefore, Scrubin would like to highlight the necessity of prostate screenings for men.

This is a form of cancer that is highly treatable – if caught early! And yet more than 30,000 men a year die of this disease. This is one cancer that doesn’t have to claim another victim if we are all educated and willing to fight it. Get checked, have the men in your life get checked, and wear the blue ribbon in support of the fight against prostate cancer!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Nurse's Week

Nurses are celebrated annually from May 6th through May 12th, National RN Day kicks off Nurse’s Week on the 6th and Florence Nightingale’s birthday closes out the week on May 12th.  National Nurses Week gives us the opportunity to recognize the nurses that take care of us and show our appreciation to them.

"National Nurse Week" was first observed in 1954, based on a bill introduced in Congress by Rep. Frances Payne Bolton of Ohio, an advocate for nursing and public health. But it was not until 1974 that the White House and President Nixon proclaimed that National Nurses Week be celebrated.  We are so glad that President Nixon helped declare a week to recognize all of your hard work.

If it weren't for nurses, who would be there in the middle of the night to check our vitals and be sure that we are okay?  Thank you for your patience, dedication, commitment, passion, and nurture.  Whether you are a trauma nurse, cardiac nurse, CNA, LPN, or RN or in nursing school; YOU are greatly appreciated.
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For more Nation Nurses Week History, click here.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Autism Awareness Month Highlights Challenges & Opportunities

April is full of things that are easy to see: trees budding out, flowers blooming and other welcome weather changes. But it’s also Autism Awareness Month, when we shine the light on something that’s not too easy to see, or treat. Autism is a disorder many of us know all too well, and it is rare to find anyone whose life has not bee touched in some way by this affliction, whether in close family or distant acquaintance.

The truly insidious nature of the disorder is that it attacks children, young children, generally manifesting as early as three years old. And the even more disheartening fact is that autism is on the rise — 1 in every 68 births in America is an autistic child, including one in every 42 boys. While medical science and developmental psychology have made great strides in identifying the sufferers, that does mean we are any closer to prevention. We at Scrubin want to change that, and we know you do, too.

Since the 1970s, April has served as National Autism Awareness Month. Efforts include outreach to local communities and health organizations, promoting awareness and educating the general public. This year is no different, and so we wanted to share how we’re plugging in, and how you can be a part of the change as well.

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To find out how else you can help, please visit There is a lot of work to do, and the fight against Autism needs all hands on deck.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Arrrgh!!! Ye Matey's Are Ready for Gasparilla!

If you are from Tampa, FL or have ever lived here, you know that we don't have 4 seasons a year. We have 5 - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and.....

Most of us began decorating for Gasparilla at the beginning of January, right after we took down our holiday lights and decorations. Wreaths made of beads, pirate flags, feathers and skull & cross bones grace the front doors of many homes in our area.

Kids of all ages get excited this time of year as they decorate their wagons, put on their swashbuckling costumes and catch pirate booty!  Here in Tampa, we began celebrating last week with the Children's Festival & Parade! Finishing off a great day of pillaging and plundering, the kids enjoy a "Piratechnic" Extravaganza, a.k.a fireworks.

Local boat owners gear up their vessels for the Pirate Invasion as they plan to defend the city against the  legendary pirate, Jose' Gaspar, and his crew of plundering pirates.

Copyright: © The Tampa Bay Times

How about a little history of Gasparilla? 

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Jose' Gaspar, a young Spanish aristocrat that turned pirate, terrorized the coastal waters of West Florida. Plundering any ship flying the flag of Spain as payback to a woman that tried to frame him for stealing the Spanish crown jewels.  Some say he plundered over 400 ships, though Gaspar's diary only boasts of 36 victories from 1784-1795.

In 1821, after many years of pillaging, Gaspar convinced his crew to go their separate ways and live their lives in peace... that is, until they saw a British ship. One last plunder, they thought. Their last hoorah. Gaspar and his crew closed in on the ship and as they got within cannon range, it was too late! The British ship dropped it's colors and raised the US flag!  Jose' Gaspar was deceived, the seemingly defenseless British ship was actually a US Navy warship, the USS Enterprise. A bloody battle took place and left Gaspar's flagship burning. He wrapped a heavy chain around his waist, jumped overboard and sank into the ocean.

Legend has it, when Jose' Gaspar died, he left an untold fortune in buried treasure somewhere along the Florida coast. Though it's never been found, the story of Gaspar was discovered and his memory was revived by Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla (YMKG) in 1904 and adopted as a city-wide celebration.

In 1904, a society editor for the Tribune had been working on a plan to produce a festival, a 3-4 day event to draw attention to the city. With the encouragement from George Hardee, a Collector of Customs, the annual 'May Day Festival' had turned into the Gasparilla Festival. Hardee encouraged civic leaders to create a "Mystic Krewe" to participate in the event and that is exactly what happened.

On May 4, 1904, tons of people lined the streets for the parade for the inaugural invasion as 50 members of Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla 'invaded' the city on horseback wearing masks and costumes.  And each year, to this day, Ye Mystic Crewe of Gasparilla, led by legendary pirate Jose' Gaspar, invades the City of Tampa. Defenseless to the Jose' Gasparilla, the Mayor surrenders the Key to the City of Tampa into the hands of the Captain of YMKG.

In 1911, YMKG had their first 'invasion' by water on a rented ship called Samuel T. Beacham. In 1937, the Krewe purchased their first ship, the Jose' Gaspar I. And the current ship, Jose' Gaspar II, was built especially for YMKG and was christened in 1954. The Jose' Gaspar II is the only dedicated pirate ship sailing in the world today.

Edwin Lambright, editor of the Tampa Morning Tribune, said "Tampa Society, and the Tampa public generally, were so enthusiastic about the first 'invasion' for the Mystic Krewe, that a citywide demand was voiced that the organization be made permanent." And that it has!

Here at Scrubin Uniforms, we are happy to live in sunny Tampa, Florida and hope that you get the chance sometime to come visit for our legendary Gasparilla Festival. Arrrghh!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!

Raise your hand if you, or someone you know, has been affected by Breast Cancer.

*Raises hand*

Let's face it, with numbers on the rise, it is uncommon that you've come into contact with someone that hasn't been affected by Breast Cancer.  According to, this year there will be about 232,670 new cases of breast cancer and 40,000 deaths from breast cancer in women and 2,360 new cases and 430 deaths in men.

Living a healthy lifestyle could quite possibly reduce your risk or recurrence of breast cancer. Please get screened, a simple mammography or MRI can find early stages. These numbers are increasing every year, so don't wait to get screened!
Show your support this month, and every month, for the people in your life that are battling this ugly disease. Wear your pink ribbons proud!

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Jockey - Ruched V-Neck Scrub Top

We are absolutely in LOVE with this new ruched top! The ruched side panels create a slimming waistline effect and give that feminine touch to your scrubs that every girl wants.  The deep front pockets offer convenience and security and it is available in 7 different colors and sizes XXS-3XL.

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